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Hysterical Californians prepare for a Japanese invasion in the days after Pearl Harbor.

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original title: 1941

genge: Action,Comedy,War

imdb: 6.8

duration: 1h 58min

tags: As They Roared Into Battle, Only One Thing Was Missing...The Enemy!

budget: $35,000,000

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Hysteria grips California in the wake of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. An assorted group of defenders attempt to make the coast defensible against an imagined Japanese invasion, in this big budget, big cast comedy. Members of a Japanese submarine crew scout out the madness, along with a Captain in Germany's Kreigsmarine (Navy). It's been six days since the attack on Pearl Harbor. Panic grips California, supposedly the next target of the Japanese forces. Everywhere in California, people are suffering from war nerves. Chaos erupts all over the state. An Army Air Corps Captain, a civilian with a deranged sense of Nationalism, civilian defenders, and a Motor Pool crew all end up on the trail of a lost Japanese sub that has picked Hollywood as their own target. Will these people be able to defend their homes? Will they be able to preserve the safety in California? Will they be able to get a hold of themselves? THIS REVIEW IS ON THE THEATRICAL CUT OF THE FILM

Spielberg, what horror have you wrought?

Buoyed by the success of 'Jaws' and 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' (both films that I consider to be somewhat overrated), the young auteur Steven Spielberg decided that the time was right for a vanity project. The project? A screwball WWII film littered with numbing spectacles straight out of Cecil B. Demille's period epics.

On paper, such a project boasts great potential. One cannot deny that, amid all the atrocities and horrors of the Second World War, there was an underlining sense of heightened and morbidly hilarious tragedy that, in the right hands, would be the perfect fodder for farce. It also has the added benefit of attracting the adoration of critics for it's gutsy agenda and subject matter. Yet, through the lens of one of Earth's most naturally gifted filmmakers, it is an unparalleled abomination of comedy.

If one wanted to summarise in a mere four words just what is wrong with this film, I would humbly suggest that you use these so ordained vocables: 'IT NEVER SHUTS UP!' Every single second of '1941' is filled with explosions, car crashes, plane crashes, brawling, and gun fights. I gathered that the film was supposed to be a farce, but farces only really work when one has a sense of escalating catastrophe. With '1941', there is no sense of escalation because nothing really escalates; it's uninhibitedly mad from the get-go and it's uninhibitedly mad by the end. Indeed, the only vaguely quiet scenes in this film are those featuring the villains (Toshiro Mifune and the great Christopher Lee deserve to have their name associated with a better Spielberg picture than this), and even they are sullied by a grating cameo by Slim Pickens.

The controlled and demonstrably contrived anarchy of '1941' made the hour and fifty minutes it took to watch this film feel like the longest and most grueling one hour and fifty minutes of my life. It's not that I have a distaste for screwball shenanigans, considering that almost all of my favourite comedies in some shape or form incorporate such pantomimic elements of that titanic arena of absurdity that we call farce; it's more that I dislike comedies that have almost no concept of the constitutions of a good joke. Though such a thing is considered subjective, I dare you to deny that my definition is an all-encompassing one. The constitutions, or rather constitution, of a good joke is a sharp contrast. Take any joke, good or bad, and you'll find that the reason it is either good or bad is because the contrast between two separate ideas is either elegantly or poorly highlighted.

Well, the contrast in '1941' is very, very poorly highlighted. I'm guessing, from the film's narrative, that it was something along the lines of 'War is a serious business, but the participants are adult children'. Well, it gets the 'adult children' aspect right, what with the crew of a Japanese submarine emerging from the water with a naked night swimmer on their periscope and fighter pilots blowing up the petrol stations of innocent, elderly citizens to the sound of heroic themes by John Williams; and what with US military personal rioting in Hollywood Boulevard whilst a Benny Hill sex romp ensues between a zoot suit wearing dancer and a sex-crazed soldier (that culminates in what appears to be a rape... charming) and an officer having sex with a girl he fancies as the two pilot an aeroplane over a crowded city with reckless abandon; aaannnndddd what with a platoon shooting out lights in Hollywood Boulevard whilst people are still standing beneath them just because an air raid siren has sounded and a black out has not gone into immediate effect... AND WHAT WITH civilian patrolmen stationing themselves in Ferris Wheels that can somehow roll perfectly down peers just in case any 'Japs' show up on the horizon (which of course they do).

What it doesn't do is highlight anything resembling the reality of war, something the film sorely needed to do if it wanted to get a laugh out of us during the many elaborately choreographed slapstick sequences that I'm sure cost more money than the United States presently owes to China to film. Instead, we get innumerable scenes of intricate physical comedy that seems uncertain about whether it wants to emulate Jacques Tati or 'The Three Stooges'.

Perhaps I wouldn't mind so much if the film had some colourful dialogue that I could endlessly quote to befuddled acquaintances. But it doesn't. In fact, the film has so little wit that I'd swear it was a big-budgeted 'Death at a Funeral', but then I would be doing that film a disservice for failing to acknowledge it's ability to recognise a need for contrast. The only vaguely witty jokes in this film are the ones about ethnicity, and it's a bit of a sad thing when the best jokes that a big-budget film like this can cough up are to do with such a pedestrian topic.

And it's almost pitiful that the man responsible for such brilliant films as 'Duel', 'Schindler's List', and 'Minority Report' can produce something so obnoxiously unfunny. And I thought 'The Terminal' was bad... i really don't know what to say about war movies much. mostly i hate war, mostly. but i'm fascinated by it because i'm fascinated by history and war is often a important part of history. but i'm against war, and i'm not even sure our so called "good" wars, aren't just a bunch of gut reactions by a whole lot of insane and stupid people driven mad with power.

i always thought this movie was pretty funny. much of it is overdone in to overkill, and it eventually doesn't warrant the expense and hullabaloo of it's humungo budget because of it's persistently low brow humour and irreverent silliness. but i have to admit it's pretty damn funny and it actually seems funnier now than it did some thirty something years ago. like the John Landis comedy spectacle, 'The Blues Bros. Movie', they just don't make em quite like this anymore. especially when they totaled a real house in Pacific Pallisades at the end.

i suppose it also helps to like dumb humour on a 'Three Stooges Level'. there is lots of wacko antics here and a basic conviction that basically all people are hopeless idiots and pretty much deserve to be "hoisted by their own petards".

strangely even though this movie doesn't seem to be big on much commentary except that war is funny. a dubious observation if any. but it does have somewhat of a anti-war statement. hey it even features a hilarious Slim Pickens from 'The Dr. Strangelove' comedy. it also makes a good statement that comes from Dan Ackroyd when he states that "it sickens me to see Americans fighting other Americans" when he observes a pointless "zoot suit" riot.

much of the humour is done for goofy laughs mostly. like a the volunteer citizen on top of a ferris wheel doing night watch with a obnoxious, idiot kid with a ventriloquist dummy. or like the housewife who knocks on the window of her kitchen as her nit wit, half blind husband almost shoots a missle launcher at the house.

a lot of the humour can also be kind of scary and unsympathetic with people. i doubt it's strange detachment to war comes from it's screen writer John Milius, who was known for extreme jingoistic right wing values as in his screenplay for 'Red Dawn'. but this film seems strangely hostile to it's protagonist and their feverent patriotism. at times it almost seems too hate them in a scathing way as it sneers at their folly and lunacy. this movie even makes funny light of a rape attempt on the teenage girl by Treat Williams Army officer. it also seems to think old, fashioned southern racism is funny. which it kind of is.

for me personally, the high point of the film was when Gen. Stillwell, who was a real person, ignores the outside events as he sits in a movie theatre happily watching Disney's 'Dumbo', which was released a few weeks before the attack on Pearl Harbor in 41.

this film does make a staement "about Americans fighting other Americans" that seems even more profound and relevant in these hopelessly partisan times.

mostly played for goofy guffaws, this is a pretty funny film comedy with lots to recommend it it terms of American history and a certain amount of war statement. at least i thought it was pretty funny. Spielberg has brought forth a farce that is both relentlessly spectacular and spectacularly unfunny. [17 Dec 1979, p.111] The Director's Cut of this early Spielberg flick runs approx. 27 minutes longer than the old Theatrical Version and features several blocks of new scenes throughout the time. Nearly 27 scenes were added or altered and sometimes alternate material was used as well.


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